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On the third day of Christmas…

We don’t live in a perfect world and there is never a perfect time to give, however there are always people in need of help.  And as we witness each day, there are many people willing to do their bit.  Our friends at Brighton Red Cross not only donate their time whilst volunteering, but also contribute to many pantries within our own community.

Throughout the year the Brighton Red Cross donate food hampers to our organisation and our families to help them when they need it most!

With a number of donations already received this year, the wonderful members have once again rallied to donate some wonderful Christmas hampers.  How great are they?

These hampers will be distributed as part of our Christmas Giving program for families we support throughout the year.

Any study or research project will tell you that the act of giving has many positive health benefits and these hampers are certainly a testament to the joy of giving, the spirit of Christmas and the pleasure of receiving.

A big call out to our friends at Brighton Red Cross!