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Royal Melbourne Golf Club bring their A Game!

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club have certainly brought their A game this year in support of BayCISS and the valuable work we do.

From 11 to 15 November, members were invited to participate in many different activities and events during their Charity Week.  Events included Guest Bridge Day, Guest Golf Day, Women’s Golf Fun Day, Croquet Guest Day, Bowls and of course, Golf!  There were produce stalls and raffles to complement the array of activity enjoyed by many during the course of the week.

Some of their wonderful members recently paid a visit to the agency to have a quick look around to understand more about what we do and during their visit presented the gift of their labour to our Manager.

A big call out and thank you to all involved in this amazing donation!  It will go a long way to support families and students in our area.  Thanks everyone!