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Mood & Transformation Exhibition

One of our community members invited us to an Art Exhibition at TaskForce entitled “Mood and Transformation” last week.

This exhibition was the second showing held at TaskForce celebrating nine weeks of creative work done by five amazing students of the ‘Create an Art Exhibition’ course.  The theme encompassed visual representations of what mood and transformation means to each of them.  Using a multitude of different styles, techniques and mediums, each student was able to create their own version of the theme, under the instruction of Donna Matthews.

It was a great honour to be invited along to witness the work of people who are working very hard to reconnect with themselves through art, to find their passion and to share their amazing work!  Mr Squiggle’s 50th birthday was certainly a feature for us and makes us very proud to be associated with the artist!

TaskForce provides specialist support for people in serious need in Victoria.  Their core services focus on addressing social issues of addiction, unemployment, mental health and high risk taking behaviours, supporting our clients to transition back into mainstream services and supports. The people accessing this service have experienced significant disadvantage or crisis in their lives and as a result are prevented from reaching their potential.  The art program is just one aspect of the services they provide however certainly aligns with their vision of ‘Giving life changing opportunities for those most in need’.

Random Acts of Creative Kindness (RACK) Art Project is currently underway at their offices in South Road, Bentleigh.  This pre-accredited short course will provide participants with creative art making and writing skills in order to make cards that send a positive message to those who receive them.  And it’s FREE!

Contact Donna today on 9532 0811!