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Making a Difference!

It was my honour to meet with the Mayor, Cr Alex Del Porto this week, to be presented with a cheque from a young community member who is doing what she can to make a difference to those in need, as well as reducing landfill, by selling and recycling her old toys.
Marianne raised money by asking school children to donate their outgrown toys to sell at a garage sale. With the wonderful support of her parents and the Brighton Primary School, Marianne was able to raise $1000, which she donated to BayCISS to assist in our emergency relief program. She will also donate any remaining toys to local agencies supporting indigenous children.
Marianne believes that this could be an annual event and is hoping more local schools will take up the idea of recycling toys with profits to go to local support agencies. With a federal election looming, schools may be able to make the most of the opportunity to hold a stall for sales!
Thank you Marianne for your wonderful work, your compassion, your social awareness and your concern for the environment. Love your work!