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Lennie is coming to BayCISS…

Who is Lennie you may well ask!

Lennie is the St Leonard’s College Community Van – an initiative at the College open to year 10 and 11 students, along with staff, to facilitate a community food service for those who may be considered ‘food vulnerable or in need’ in our local community.

BayCISS are very excited and proud to announce a new partnership with the College to deliver lunches at our agency in Katoomba Street every second Tuesday commencing from 5 February 2019!

Come along for a feed and a chat between 12.30pm and 1.30pm and enjoy a scrumptious lunch prepared by the students of St Leonard’s College and coordinated by the school.

This program is funded from the proceeds of the College’s Community Day Fair – so a big thank you to the Fair committee and every person who bakes, stews, donates, rides, eats, plays and volunteers at the fair – all of these contributions ensure that the Fair is such a success each year and this success has turned the Lennie’s Van dream into a reality.

Another wonderful example of communities working in communities for communities!