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Just a little goes a long way…

Our recent campaign with Officeworks has now rounded up (if you’ll pardon the pun) and is a fine example of how little things can make a big difference.

The ‘Round up to Make a Difference’ campaign run through Officeworks in Highett over the month of May encouraged customers to either round up their purchases to the nearest dollar or leave a small donation to BayCISS.  In preparation for the odd bewildered look, team members were able to riddle off a lot of detail about the magnificent work we do here – family counselling, emergency relief, budget assistance, NILS applications, advocacy and supports – resulting in a very positive response from the majority.

Whether it be rounding up of a mere 5c or a $20 donation, throughout the entire month, Bayside and Kingston residents rallied behind our agency to raise an amazing total of $5,286!  That’s almost $200 each and every day (quite a few 5c roundupences)!

BayCISS is very fortunate to be able to do the work we do!  It is made all that much easier with the wonderful support of individuals, groups, organisations, retailers and volunteers in our area.  This amount will certainly go a very long way in assisting us in our work!

We look forward to continuing our partnership!