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Homelessness Week 1 – 7 August 2021

August marks the commencement of the Origami House Campaign!

Our aim is to build 7000  10000  20000  50000 origami houses signifying the number of people currently on the waiting list in Victoria today.  I know, that’s ridiculously unbelievable!  Did you know:

  • There are 500 new applications added to the waiting list every month?
  • There are no properties in Victoria that are affordable or appropriate for a single person receiving JobSeeker?
  • Homelessness in Australia has increased by 13.7% in the last 5 years?
  • Homelessness in Australian women has increased by 9.5% during the same period?
  • Everyday, homelessness services turn away 250 people (just get your head around that for a second…)?
  • Over 55’s have risen by 28% and are now identified as the most rapidly growing area of concern?
  • ATSI people represent 22% of the homeless population (despite making up only 2.8% of the Australian population)?
  • The campaign will run for three months and will be launched next week during Homelessness Week
  • The end of the campaign will coincide with Anti-Poverty Week at the end of October

If we think about what homelessness is; remember that it is not rooflessness.  A home means security, stability, privacy, safety and being able to control your own space.  The majority of people experiencing homelessness, are not rough sleepers.  Whilst they are generally ‘the face’ of what we believe homelessness to be, they make up 7% of the total number of people currently without a home.  With a total of around 24,000 people without a home in Victoria tonight, this campaign will send a strong illustrative message to the decision makers.


What about some local facts:

  • In 2016/17, BayCISS supported an average of 12 people identifying as homeless each month;
  • In 2020/21 we have supported an average of 35 each month (yes, that’s 3 times more);
  • Temporarily staying with others, living in improvised dwellings (like tents), temporarily living in other lodgings, staying in supported accommodation, boarding houses, rooming houses or in severely overcrowded dwellings and caravan parks are all types of homeless we see at BayCISS;
  • During COVID, despite extra government supports and incentives, we have seen the same number of presentations for the past two years;
  • Of the top ‘Reasons for seeking assistance’ (as identified during intake and assessment), housing (or a reason relating directly to housing) appears 7 times!


So let’s start building  creating   folding!