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Cereal Supporters – The Toast of BayCISS!

Laminex Australia continue their commitment to the Bayside community by answering the call to help with our recent Breakfast Appeal!

The Cheltenham plant employees banded together to collect an impressive array of brekkie staples including a variety of cereals, milk, oatmeal and other wonderful options for us to distribute as part of our food relief program!  The plant personnel are repeat supporters with periodic appeals for donations as well as providing our agency with much needed shelving for our cupboards.

The Sandringham congregation at All Souls Anglican Church have also answered the call with a number of deliveries appearing at our door over the last few weeks.  The enthusiasm and support of these community members goes a long way to assist us in the work we do and their donations of cereals, milk, pancake mixes, butter, raisin toast and condiments will certainly make many families get off to a good start each day!

Most of our food parcels include some form of breakfast item and with over 200 distributed each month, these fabulous donations go a long way to Make Someone’s Day Every Day!

What did the cereal say when it left the room?  Cheerio!