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Celebration time…

Today we celebrated National Volunteer Week by recognising the wonderful work of volunteers within our region who donate so much time for the Bayside Community through BayCISS and the Castlefield Community Centre.  Special guests included Nick Staikos MP; Xavier and Michael Sellenger; Damien von Trier and Lauren Waycott (Bayside City Council); Georgina Magill (All Souls Anglican Church); Laura Champness (Officeworks); Karyn Seigmann (Bayside Libraries); Kay Killen & Clare Bayne (Brighton Red Cross); and Danny Jinnette (Laminex Australia).

It is certainly well-known that volunteers are an important part of the community and make a valuable contribution through a wide variety of community opportunities.  To this end, BayCISS is proud to acknowledge and thank all our volunteers and community supporters, who without their support, our organisation could not function!

BayCISS volunteers:

  • Regularly contribute to a roster on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis;
  • Allow the agency to operate for 30 hours each week of the year (barring public holidays and Christmas);
  • Complete training specific to their work as Community Information Volunteers
  • Strive to understand, explore and respond to the needs of our region’s people;
  • Assist around 200 people each month with the most basic of Maslow’s identified needs – food, water and shelter;
  • Recognise and identify opportunities for assistance in the second layer of need – personal safety, hygiene, employment and health;
  • Support, instruct, assist and guide students on placement to become the future champions of social work;
  • Provide delivery and pick up services for community donations;
  • Contribute personal attributes, expertise and opinion in delivering a positive service to the community
  • Have the opportunity to make someone’s day EVERYDAY!!!

The Bayside City Council Mayor, Cr Michael Heffernan was a special guest who spoke of his own personal experiences with volunteering following an impressive 38 year stint as a legal advice representative with the organisation.

CISVic CEO, Kate Wheller represented the sector as our Guest Speaker and spoke of the value of volunteering within Australia, the Community Services sector, and within the CISVic environment.  Coupled with her own experience and expertise, Kate highlighted how so many aspects of what we do each and every day has a major impact on someone else’s life.

Milestone Service Awards were presented to our loyal staff and volunteers:

Helen Byrne (5 years)

Carol Merrett (5 years)

Sarah Salter (5 years)

Lyndell O’Brien (21 years)

Peter McKinnon (22 years)

Rowland Hassall (25 years)

Jean Kent (27 years)

All volunteers and supporters were presented with a small token of appreciation for their ‘thyme’!

Thanks to all who were able to attend these celebrations.  All who helped out behind the scenes.  All who come along each week to help.  All who contribute to our wonderful agency is any which way you can.  And to all our special visitors on the day!