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“A Monster” by Xavier

Once there was a monster called King A!  Xavier’s story of a grape eating monster who lives in a very, very long cave tells a tale of hunger and fulfilment.  If the monster doesn’t get his fill of grapes, he will not only starve, but will turn from his lovely vivid green colour to black – dark and miserable.

This story is a lovely read written by a young man in Year One at Bentleigh West Primary School who, after attending a drawing workshop, went on to write his story about King A.  This story is also all too familiar with us at BayCISS!  Without means to buy food, many go without essential items and as such, their mood may be affected…just reflect on the Snickers advertisement announcing that we are not ourselves when we’re hungry…  Goes a long way to explain why some of us come across as angry, agitated, moody, sad.


BayCISS was very fortunate today to meet this entrepreneurial young man when he visited with the member for Bentleigh, Nick Staikos, to deliver a whopping total of 21 bags of toiletries for us to distribute!  Xavier witnessed homelessness following a recent trip to the CBD, and then again in his own suburb.  The thought of someone not having a home and not having all the lovely things that come with having a home, concerned him enough that he wrote a letter to Nick about wanting to help.  And help he did!  Along with organising a toiletry drive, Xavier also wrote his book, did the illustrations, printed the book and sold them – with proceeds adding to his amazing collection.

Xavier’s monster was able to find his beloved grapes and stay green.  BayCISS can also fill a void to keep you going and hopefully add some colour to your life!

What an amazing young man!  What an amazing story!  What an amazing(ly) generous community!  What an amazing future!

From all of us – Thank you Xavier (I think mum, dad and big brother, William may have helped a little as well) and of course Nick and his fabulous team!  BTW – Did I mention I got a personally autographed copy?  Very special!